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Your shoulder pain

There are different types of shoulder pain. It may feel deep and achy, might be in a specific spot or widespread – this depends on the different tissues involved.

Shoulder pain and weakness complaints among patients are frequently caused by rotator cuff injuries. Rotator cuff tendons can be damaged due to acute injury, overuse in professional activities and sports, poor shoulder position because of bad posture, etc.

How we can help

The conventional treatment for rotator cuff issues is a number of rehabilitation strengthening exercises. We use Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which combines precise positioning of the shoulder blade and humerus in specific positions to optimize muscle function of your rotator cuff and your whole shoulder girdle, hands-on manual therapy, electrotherapy, laser and extranormal shockwave therapy techniques to enhance cellular repair and tissue healing.

Your body is designed to move in fluid and coordinated patterns governed by your nervous system. But oftentimes, overuse, underuse or abuse of your muscular system can result in pain, injury, uncoordinated movement and poor performance. Thankfully, through proper training and rehabilitation, your body can heal and regain its natural functional capacity.

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