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Your neck and upper back pain

Neck and upper back pain are two of the most common types of pain; possibly a reflection of the more sedentary modern lives we lead, eg. desk work, looking down at mobile phones, etc.

This kind of pain has many causes; poor posture, overuse of muscles, and injury to muscles or nearby joints can all cause muscle pain and lead to knots or "trigger points". Sometimes trigger points come from injuries to the spine or to the nerves supplying a muscle. The pain can involve a single muscle or many muscles. It may be present while you are active or when you are at rest.

How we can help

Living with pain can affect your life in so many ways. The key to beating chronic pain is understanding why you’re experiencing it. That’s why we believe a detailed assessment is so critical in the treatment of pain and injuries. The key to us resolving your pain is a thorough assessment and recording your full, in-depth injury history. We need to know if you’re compensating for a previous injury, and if so, how and why.

The only way to make lasting changes is to develop new habits which help you find balance and move more naturally. We identify any weak links in your movement, and address these. We can help you through the process, but YOU need to make the necessary changes to get lasting results.

We use various physiotherapy techniques such as manual therapy, spinal mobilization, active release technique (ART), dry needling, ultrasound therapy, massage and therapeutic exercise to release your tight muscles and strengthen your spine. These are the most effective techniques to reduce your pain and help improve your posture and spinal mobility. We also teach you amazing stretches which increase the space between the vertebrae, reducing pressure on the delicate nerves that exit your spine.

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