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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Many studies have shown the benefits of specialized exercise and rehabilitation in limiting the impact of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in all its forms. 


Specialized exercise as prescribed by a physiotherapist helps to maintain and improve flexibility, strength, endurance, posture, and balance.


Rehabilitation helps the person with MS maintain and improve functional abilities, including walking.

People with MS have diverse issues and needs across the course of the condition and across their lifespan. If you're newly diagnosed, now is the time to contact us and find out what you can do to stay mobile and fit.


If you've had MS for some time, you can improve your mobility, function, and fitness whatever your physical challenges.

How we can help
  • Individual physiotherapy assessment and consultation in the clinic or in your home (in person or virtually)

  • Neuroplasticity-based interventions developed and researched specifically for people with MS including:

    - Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), an intensive program addressing arm/hand or leg/balance functions

    - PoNS (Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) Treatment™ for balance and walking ability


  • Treadmill training with or without body weight support (using Litegait technology) to improve walking

  • Virtual, small group training for fitness, balance, and walking

Our Advocacy

Here at One Step Ahead Mobility, we advocate for our clients needs and can help you and your family find the necessary resources that are right for you. 

Our Research

Looking for more research-based information on physiotherapy and exercise for Multiple Sclerosis?

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