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Our Mission

One Step Ahead Mobility is dedicated to helping people of all ages with diverse and often complex medical conditions - including pain - to reach their full physical potential based on their needs and personal goals. 

Our Values

  • People with acute and chronic conditions have the right and ability to achieve well being throughout their lives

  • Physiotherapy has a unique role in improving the lives of people of all ages throughout their lives

  • Physiotherapy practice must adhere to the highest standards as supported by current research and education

  • Superior rehabilitation, mobility and fitness services must be provided in full collaboration with clients in a comfortable, caring and professional environment

  • One Step Ahead Mobility is committed to social responsibility and advocacy for individual clients, families, and the community at large

My Physiotherapy Story

Duane Lakin-Thomas.jpg

Pre-physio I could not lift my arm much above shoulder-level without considerable pain, and now I can reach up to shelves and take down fairly heavy objects. The shoulder was interfering with my favourite hobby, playing taiko (Japanese drumming), but I no longer have issues drumming.

Pain levels have reduced, arm mobility and strength are almost back to normal (for a 72-year-old, that is…), and all due to One Step Ahead Mobility and its staff. The front desk people are always cheerful and helpful, as well. Thanks to everyone!

      - Duane L.

When my rheumatologist suggested a physiotherapist for my right shoulder, I went online to find one. One Step Ahead Mobility was only a mile away, and right on the 7 bus route. I knew nothing about the clinic, but their web page looked promising – and I’m very glad I chose them.


With a diagnosis of rotator cuff problems (“frozen shoulder”), I knew I was in for a long, painful time, but right from the start Kasra reassured me it wasn’t a tear (later confirmed with an ultrasound scan at Sunnybrook), and less serious than I feared.

Kasra was very informative and responsive to my questions (clearly, he’s had excellent training in Iran), and he is an interesting person to talk to. Improvements happened more quickly than expected.

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