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Chiropody and Custom Orthotics

Chiropody services

Your foot is an intergral part of your everyday life. This complex structure is  made up of 28 bones, and many joints, ligaments, and tendons that interact to propel us through our daily lives. Therefore, our feet experience activities and can become painful and even affect our mobility. This can happen at any age.


Chiropody serves a vital role in the treatment of foot dysfunction, which in turn affects the well-being, mobility and independence of an individual. Speak to our chiropodist to see how we can keep you one step ahead!  


Our Chiropodist treats a variety of
foot problems including:
  • Nail care

  • Thickened nails

  • Ingrown toe nails

  • Fungal nail infections or skin conditions

  • Foot/ankle pain

  • Corns/calluses

  • Plantar warts

  • Diabetic foot care and wound care

  • Arthritic foot care

  • Bunions and other toe deformities

  • Dry/cracked skin

  • Neuroma and peripheral neuropathy

  • Sports injury/repetitive strain injuries

  • Custom orthotics

Ramya Y head shot.jpeg

Ramya Yogarajah

Registered Chiropodist

Did you know?

The Chiropody Act, 1991, states that chiropody is the assessment of the foot and treatment and prevention of disease or disorders of the foot by therapeutic, surgical, orthotic, and palliative means. 

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