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Dystonia is a movement disorder where the person's muscles uncontrollably contract. It can affect one muscle, a group of muscles, or your whole body. When these contractions occur, the result is the involuntary twisting of your body parts and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.

Research shows that regular, consistent, and repeated exercises have a positive affect on the symptoms of dystonia. In regards to the timing of treatment, the weeks following injections are the ideal time period for you to perform physiotherapy exercises. 

How we can help you
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Here at One Step Ahead Mobility, our physiotherapy treatment for dystonia can help you in several ways. Physio can restore appropriate movement, activate/strengthen the antagonist muscles of the condition, and decrease the intensity of your dystonic muscles and promote relaxation.

We can educate you on ergonomics for your daily life and also establish an individualized home exercise program to suit your routine. We'll help you learn the right ways to move and the activities you should avoid. 

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