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Yael Weiser Aviram - Registered Neurological Physiotherapist

Yael Weiser Aviram, BPT

Yael earned her Bachelor of Physical Therapy degree from Tel Aviv University in Israel, 2007.


After graduation, Yael had the pleasure of practicing for several years in one of the largest and most comprehensive rehabilitation centres in the Middle East – the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital in Israel. During this time, Yael also ran her own private practice.

Yael was fortunate to gain versatile clinical experience in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, including providing physiotherapy treatment to patients with spinal cord injuries, cerebrovascular accidents (‘strokes’), traumatic brain injuries, the pediatric population, and other neurological conditions.

“I love learning and exploring. I’m always trying to keep up with the latest findings and research in the neurological field that is rapidly developing and improving over the years.”

Yael is proficient in various diagnostic and assessment tools and techniques including hydrotherapy, Pilates, and lymphatic physiotherapy (Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage).

Neurological physiotherapy is Yael’s passion: “I am a people person. Every client’s story, needs, and goals are a journey I feel fortunate to be a part of. By using my large toolbox and my creativity, I aim to make this journey meaningful for the client, as well as focused in achieving their goals and needs, and most importantly - with a smile, all along the way.”

When Yael isn’t practicing physiotherapy, she coaches an amazing team of women in a game called Catchball at MACCABI Canada. Yael says, “this team shows me you can be active and play sports at any age and fitness level!”

As well, Yael enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling and hiking, listening to music and just having fun.

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