Charlene Carroll - PTA & Personal Trainer

Charlene Carroll, BA

Charlene Carroll is thrilled to be a part of the One Step Ahead Mobility team! Charlene believes in working individually with clients to help them achieve their health and lifestyle goals by identifying specific areas of need and focusing treatment on the root causes of their issues, not just the symptoms.

Charlene is qualified to work with all fitness levels, and specializes in training professional athletes, pre- and post-natal clients, golfers, and clients interested in active aging.

Professional Athlete Training: avoid injuries; break plateaus; utilize one’s core to maintain muscle balance, strength and stability.

Golf Specific Training: correct motor patterns that inhibit performance and may cause injury; learn rotational exercises; strengthe golf-specific muscles to hit the ball further and last longer on the greens.

Pre- and Post-Natal: maintain a healthy weight; prevent postural deviations; strengthen abdominal and pelvic floor muscles; develop birthing preparations.

Active Aging: achieve optimal health, strength and agility with reduced pain to experience an increased quality of life through safe and progressive exercise. 


Charlene has worked as a corrective exercise specialist over the last decade, providing an intense level of personal one-on-one training. Charlene’s focus is on programming customized to the abilities and goals of each client for real results; she uses corrective exercise to reduce pain caused by existing chronic conditions, diseases and disorders, and to regain mobility in everyday life.

“My passion is helping clients discover their true physical potential.” 

What sets Charlene apart as a specialized personal trainer and physiotherapy assistant is her coaching skills, her emphasis on pain-free movement versus a ‘boot camp’ approach, as well as her warm and approachable manner. Charlene also offers basic nutritional guidance, relaxing partner-assisted Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)™, and corporate wellness presentations.

She proudly uses FST™ guided stretching and remedial exercise to allow busy clients of all ages and abilities the opportunity to destress, reduce pain, increase mobility, and to carry their bodies with a revitalized look, energy, and posture that improves their sport or daily tasks.

Charlene’s professional education and training includes an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, serving her well in communicating with clients. Her journey towards personal training started after a knee injury. After extensive surgery and physiotherapy, Charlene was nervous to return to regular activity. She started working with a personal trainer and the experience changed her body, her lifestyle, and her career. In 2008 she began her studies in body mechanics and has gained multiple professional certifications to similarly help others.

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